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Game Designer / Unity 3D developer 

Luiz Telles

I'm a 34 year old passionate Game Designer and Unity 3D developer, currently working in developing cutting edge augmented reality, VR and game applications for entertainment and customer engagement purposes. I graduated college with a bachelor's degree in Game Design in 2016 and have been passionate about all things games ever since I could hold a joystick controller.





Game Design, programming and implementation of graphic user interfaces. Game mechanics, system architecture and VFX development.

Augmented Reality

Experience Design. Implementantion of AR SDKs and app perfomance optimization and usability.

Virtual Reality

SDK implementation, engineering of immersive scenes and experiences, design and implementation of interactive mechanics.

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Unity 3D
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Vuforia AR
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Steam VR


2019 - Present

Freelancing / Contract Work

Unity 3D Developer  
I have been working as a free-lancer Unity developer remotely, taking up different kinds of contract work and providing affordable, quality programming with a focus on GUI, gameplay mechanics and design architecture implementation.


Dreams on Demand

Quality Assurance Analyst  (03/2017 - 07/2017)
During this time I acted as a game tester for the company Dreams on Demand. My main responsibilities revolved around identifying and confirming game related bugs and issues through weekly reports.

2017 - 2019

Flex Interativa

Unity 3D Developer  (07/2017 - 09/2019)
2 years and 3 months experience. During this period I was responsible for developing a diverse array of interactive applications and games with a focus on AR technology for mobile devices as well as VR experiences for PC.

2013 - 2016

Design de Games

Anhembi Morumbi
During college I studied and developed several projects, and also acted in many fields of game development, such as creation and design of mechanics, level design, character design, game balancing and progression from prototype to final implementation. Disciplines also included developing and applying user tests and creating a business strategy for marketing the finished products.

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